Young at 23..

Sunday: 7-30-17 Time: 9:51 PM Weather: summer night breeze It's been a while since I've updated my life on here. To start, I have been working as a summer camp counselor at a school for weeks now and I'm down to 2 weeks left. It's a good experience. Some bittersweet moments just thinking about the... Continue Reading →

Sun above the snow

Friday: 3-10-17 Time: 4:27 PM Weather: Slightly snowing with some sunshine The weather has been really out of whacked lately. It's really hard to figure out how to deal with the moody weather, just like how you can't figure out your scary girlfriend. It can be sunny and bubbly down in the shire one afternoon... Continue Reading →

The starting line

Monday: 2-27-17 Time: 3:30 PM weather: windy and cloudy So it begins. My first official blog post. I'm hoping that starting this blog will help motivate and encourage me to write more often. This place can be a place where I can lay all of my muddled thoughts instead of my pillow at night. It... Continue Reading →

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